Almacenes El Pardo
Pinuccina; Para barrer con calidad.

Plastic Dust Pan


New Item!!!. Exclusive design with style. Our Dust Pan
has an outstanding finish and appereance, and high
resistant properties

 Recogedor Plastico Pinuccina


Our Pinuccina Plastic Dust Pan has an screwable hole for handle insertion, in order to keep tighter  and all together both parts

  Recogedor Plastico Pinuccina Posterior






EAN Code: 7501308800451
Model: Pinuccina Plastic Dust Pan         
Packing: 24 pz Box

Our Pinuccina Plastic Dust Pan has an interior design which prevents leaking liquids outside pan, blade plastified finish on border for picking more dust from the floor in once instance

Recogedor Plastico Pinuccina Frontal
Backside base on pan for more stability and strength
  Recogedor Plastico Pinuccina Base

We also provide our Dust Pans in sorted bright colors, with first quality plastic materials

Red ColorBlue Color
 Recogedor Rojo Pinuccina Plastico 142_Recogedor_Azul_Pinuccina_Plastico
Yellow Color